How To Deal With Your Man After Your Team Won (Or Lost) The World Series

So, the World Series is over. The Yankees are World Champions of Baseball. Again. For some, this is a time of rejoicing when every happy day is Christmas and the streets overflow with beer. For others, it is a long and tearful road to next year. Then, there’s everyone else — the baseball widows …What to do when your man turns unrecognizable in his Yankees hat, Yankees shirt, Yankees underwear, spilling beer on his Yankees fleece? When he’s high-fiving every stranger in Yankee blue? Or, even worse, what if you live with a Phillies fan? This loss is yet another notch on the headboard of Philadelphia disappointments, so your guy might be ritually burning his Chase Utley jersey and watering the flames with tears. If you’ve got the stench of burning cotton in your nose and the clang of the fire alarm in your ears, or celebration beer transforming your lovable dude into a sentimental drunk — here’s what to do.

The Yankees Fan — Give jubilation a try. You don’t have to wear matching underwear sets, but who doesn’t love a ticker tape parade? Maybe you’ll find your own reason to love the game. Sports bonding is deep and true for the dudes, so it could be a great opportunity to go somewhere new in your relationship. If you can’t muster up the enthusiasm, don’t fake it. Skip it. Have girl time over martinis, in yoga class, at the movies, or in your most comfortable pajamas until he’s over his excitement.

The Phillies Fan — Do not engage. Nothing you can say — no amount of “there’s always next year” — will make this any better. It isn’t just a game. It is a blow to the very core of his being. Wait it out. Try chocolate. Try sex. If that doesn’t work, sing “Fly Eagles Fly” and hope for a win next year.