A Convicted Sex Offender Tells His Side Of The Story In Vanity Fair

The December issue of Vanity Fair contains a pretty shocking article called “A Crime Of Shadows.” The piece is about a convicted sex offender named “J” who was coaxed by Pennsylvania detective Michele Deery into meeting for sex in a parking lot. While this is not a crime, Deery had posed in a chat room as “Heather,” a mother with two kids and she made it very clear to J that she wanted her young children—who she said were ages 8 and 11—to be involved. Deery and J had quite a lot of nasty back-and-forth before their meeting, where a bunch of cops, not a mother and her two kids, showed up and slapped J with a slew of charges, landing him time in prison. But what about his side of the story? That’s what this piece focuses on.J claims he was never interested in Heather’s kids. He was addicted to steroids, which made him very horny, and didn’t have much of a sexual relationship with his wife. He took to hanging out in chat rooms, asking women to talk dirty to him so he could masturbate. He just wanted to meet Heather in person to have sex but every time he mentioned this, she mentioned her kids. Finally, the two reached an agreement where J would meet Heather and they’d have sex. Then, she’d go get her kids and bring them back to the house so they could have have sex. J, however, claims that he was planning on fleeing when the woman went to pick up her young ones. Except, he never got a chance to prove this.

At first I was skeptical about giving a convicted sex offender seven pages in a glossy magazine tell his side of the story. The funny thing is, by the end of the article I was sort of on his side. He was stupid, ridiculously horny and cheating on his wife, but it honestly doesn’t seem like he wanted to have sex with those kids. The article points out that detectives like Deery try so hard to find child molesters online they sometimes blur the line between entrapment and actual crime. And that’s a little scary. What do you think? [Vanity Fair]