Strippers Who Claim They’ve Slept With The Men Of Hollywood

Have you heard about Nicole Forrester? She’s a dancer at the hilariously named Tattletale club, where she says she began an acquaintance with Josh Duhamel that ended in a one-night stand. Nicole says the National Enquirer told her the story would be published whether she participated or not, and then gave her $20K, presumably as payment for the interview and polygraph test she provided. That money does buy a lot of stripper heels, but it’s not enough to solve many problems these days. Did she just want the money or is she telling the truth? [People]

Doesn’t it seem like a lot of strippers have made claims about the men of Hollywood? After the jump, a few similar stories.

  • Candice Houlihan claimed to have slept with Alex Rodriguez a couple times while his wife, Cynthia, was pregnant. Candice later lent public support to Cynthia when she and A-Rod got divorced. Hey, at least Cynthia got a new friend. The silver lining? [Zimbio]
  • A call girl going by the name Olivia once claimed to have had very vanilla sex with Brad Pitt. We want her to be lying, because she also says he was a quick finisher, which fits into none of our fantasies. [I Don’t Like You In That Way]
  • Theresa White says she had a threesome with the delectable Michael Phelps, which I so want to believe, because if Michael Phelps likes three-ways, we all have twice as good a chance ending up in bed with him. The only problem is that Theresa says she, Michael and two others romped for hours, and if she can’t recognize a foursome when she’s in one, can she really be trusted to recognize Michael Phelps? [Greenwich Diva]