Quickies: Newlywed Ivanka Trump Caught Without Her Wedding Ring & Kim Kardashian Gets Knocked Out

  • Ivanka Trump went on “The View” without her wedding ring, which you know Elisabeth Hasselbeck noticed. [Daily Intel] — Is this a sign her marriage is already doomed?
  • Next to every good male celebrity is a good woman, but how does she remain strong, trusting, and disciplined when he’s famous and she’s not? Check out these celeb husbands and their fabulous, non-celeb wives. [Starpulse]
  • Web series “Under the Arch” is having an open casting call for “nine NYU students living their dream.” [NYU Local] — Yeah, because “The City” sucks that much.

  • We told you it was going down. Well, here’s the photo evidence of Kim Kardashian getting knocked out for charity. [PopEater] — Not to get on the Kim’s-so-pretty bandwagon, but she’s a better person than I to risk damaging her face for charity.
  • Here’s how to pull together a party in two hours, because it’s always a good time to get down. [Lemondrop]
  • Gary Vaynerchuk teaches The Crucial Man the secret to being an expert. [College Humor]
  • What would you do if your teen were trying to get pregnant? [Shine] — Um, lock her up and throw away the key, duh! No, seriously, I’d have to have a really in-depth heart-to-heart with her, after I pulled all my hair out.
  • Some women pay ridiculous amounts of money to get bigger breasts by unproven methods, like hypnotherapy. Here are the five most ridiculous wastes of funds. [Asylum] — If it’s really that serious, then why not save for breast implants?