Roxy Olin: The Worst Reality TV BFF Since Heidi Montag

You didn’t watch last night’s episode of “The City,” did you? Yeah, I didn’t think so—the show is a bit of a snooze fest. But this season there is one big, huge saving grace—Roxy Olin. The producers brought her in to replace Whitney’s BFF from last year, Erin, who was too nice for her own good and not nearly dramatic enough to hold our attention for more than 10 seconds. So the producers plucked Roxy to be Whitney’s new bestie—Roxy supposedly is a friend from grade school who decided to move to New York to embark on a fashion career. And yes, you have seen her before. Her papa produces “Brothers and Sisters” and her mama, Patricia Wettig, stars in it, so she’s had a guest spot on the show as Michelle, a role she reprised last week. Oh, and she was also on an episode of “The Hills.” Remember the first time Lauren Conrad met Stephanie Pratt and got into a fight with her and her friend? Yep, the friend was Roxy. Sneaky trick, producers. She obviously wasn’t cast for either role—both are totally authentic. That’s sarcasm, people.Roxy basically exists to drum up drama for Whitney. In the first episode, she crossed Kelly Cutrone during a photo shoot when she suggested directly to the client that the model take her top off. Kelly was furious that Roxy didn’t come to her with the suggestion. Next, Roxy asked Whitney to crash at her place and suggested having a few friends over. Of course, Whitney came home to find a rager going on in her living room. The cops were called. Oh, and then there was the time Roxy pushed Whitney to meet with a buyer from Bergdorf Goodman, even though Kelly specifically told her not to. That went over well. And then last night, Whitney asked her new love interest, Freddie, about rumors that he had a girlfriend, and Roxy swooped in to bring the conversation to a whole new level of awkward. This is all in the first five episodes, by the way.

Seems like “The City” producers are sure trying to reproduce the television gold they stumbled upon (or scripted?) with Heidi Montag. Remember when Heidi crashed the Young Hollywood Party Lauren was working, and got in a fight with her then-boyfriend, almost getting Lauren fired? Didn’t Whitney learn from watching Lauren how not to be a doormat? What do you think—is Roxy no good, like I suspect, or does she really have Whitney’s best interests at heart?

Speaking of villains on MTV shows who pop up again in another context without explanation, what’s up with Stacey the Bartender on “The Hills”? She was all up on Spencer last season, to Heidi’s chagrin. Now, suddenly, she’s best friends and roommates with Kristin Cavallari? Why do the producers think they don’t need to explain such situations and keep some resemblance of reality?