How To Create A Visual Vignette To Bedazzle Your Home Decor

Sooo Christina Aguilera’s home was featured recently in InStyle. (Check out her massive shoe closet here.) What really struck me, though, was her love of vignettes, which she used to display some of her treasured possessions like shoes and past performance costumes. I kind of like to think of vignettes as the adult version of dioramas, and who didn’t like creating those when they were in school? They’re perfect for occupying a little space in a room, on a table, or in a bookcase. After the jump I have some tips for adding a vignette to your decor.

  1. Choosing your space is as easy as looking around your home and deciding what areas need a little oomph. Do you have a corner in your bedroom that looks bare? Is a simple frame collection not cutting it on your console table? Not enough books to fill a bookcase? These are all prime spots for a vignette. Heck, you can even arrange one on a window sill, as long as it’s not your fire escape window (for all you apartment dwellers). You can also use an old trunk or suitcase like Christina did in the photo above.
  2. Create a theme so your items don’t see too arbitrary. It can be vintage, travel, a specific color, or specific items like teapots. Christina chose shoes. I think a vignette is a perfect way to show off an out-of-season pair of killer heels, but remember to pair it with other wardrobe items so there’s a theme.
  3. Look for inspiration from all over your home. Do you have a pitcher or other tableware that you love, but don’t get to use often? Let it act as a focal point in your vignette, even if your decorating your bedroom.
  4. Now add other items of varying heights that you love and want to display. You can also try candlestick holders for extreme height; vases for mid-height; and bowls, cups, or other vessels for the lows. A framed photograph or painting will also add height and can act as a background. Basically, it’s really up to you — any item you love can live in your vignette!
  5. The trick is to layer your items. Remember, you need items in the foreground and background.
  6. If you’re creating your vignette on a table or ottoman, a tray can anchor everything together.
  7. For more tips, check out this video and Colour Me Happy by interior designer Maria Killam.