How Do We Feel About The Pointy Bra?

The Daily Mail reports that conical bras, made popular by ’50s icons Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell and then again by Madonna in the ’80s, are making a big comeback. Not only did the bras make appearances on recent catwalk collections, sales have had a huge increase, with some styles selling as much as 33 percent more than this time last year. The economy, of course, is being credited for the resurgence of the pointy bra, just as it is for shorter skirts, red lipstick, bigger hair, and just about any other cyclical fashion trend that’s reappeared in the last year or so. A spokesperson for a department store in London said: “Throughout the last century the trend for feminine pointy shaped bras experienced a renaissance following times of a toughened economy, marking a return of unabashed femininity as women seek to have more fun with fashion as a form of escapism.” What, no mention of “Mad Men”? Personally, I think Joan Holloway and the other ladies of the hit TV show may have a greater impact on the sales of nostalgic lingerie than the economy; how about you? And would you wear a conical bra yourself? [Daily Mail]