High Glitz Or Child Tragedy?

The coffee table book High Glitz would seriously freak out anyone who sat down on my couch. The collection of images shows beauty queen toddlers posing for the child pageant sub-genre called Glitz. These tots get glamour makeup, front teeth veneers, and couture costumes before being photographed. It speaks from an era I hoped didn’t really exist. So, are these beautiful images or child abuse? You’ll have to be the judge. I say somebody needs to take these kids outside to make mud pies. [Lil Sugar]

Did this inappropriately gorgeous lovechild of Oprah and Scarlett O’Hara learn to look so sad from holding up her head under all those pounds of hairspray?

This patriotic concoction, along with those French tips, isn’t so ironic as it is dangerous for a kid who only recently learned not to stick crayons in her eye.

This little girl seems scared that when she stops smiling they’ll take her puppy away.