Amelia Earhart Was The First Celeb Fashion Designer?

Before Amelia Earhart became famous for flying, she was all about the needle and thread it seems. What, you didn’t know she was a fashion designer? OK, we weren’t aware either, but you learn something new every day, right? Amelia learned how to sew as a young girl and made her own clothes while working as a social worker, all before she took to the skies. In order to finance her flying expeditions, she launched her first line in 1934, Amelia Earhart Fashions, which sold at Macy’s in New York and Marshall Field’s in Chicago. Amelia was all about creating designs for women which were sensible — separates, comfortable pieces, and machine-washable items — with a bit of whimsy, which included shirt tails and parachute silk raincoats with buttons shaped like propellers. Of course, as a designer, Amelia created her own clothes as well, including a jumpsuit that was designed to be something comfortable to wear in the cockpit. This isn’t the celebrity fashion line of today either: Amelia’s patterns were published and featured in Woman’s Home Companion magazine.

You can find some of her pieces in the Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum in Atchison, Missouri, you know, like when you’re in the ‘hood. But you might wanna start thinking about incorporating aviation styles into your wardrobe ASAP. [Huffington Post]