10 Stars Who Seriously Misbehaved This Halloween

Of course we get the real dirt a few days after the big night. Apparently, Mariah Carey and Rihanna had a diva-off on Halloween. Even though Mariah was hosting the party, Rihanna didn’t pay her regards to the songstress, a witness said. And Rihanna’s tiger costume required a security guard to hold up the tail, while Mariah needed six guards to clear a path to the bathroom so her angel wings didn’t get tousled. Sheesh. [NY Post]

What is it about Halloween that brings out the stars’ most ridiculous behavior? Read on for more celebrities who behaved badly on Halloween.

  • Jon Gosselin went dressed as a tabloid cover with a hole for his face to emerge from, above a suspicious six pack. The cover read, “America’s Heartthrob Speaks! And he’s not holding anything back. Why every man wishes to be like him.” [Heavy.com] — Very clever, Jon. You have been reduced to tabloid fodder and you love it. Just go home already.
  • Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt looked like perfect angels (OK, so Doug looked like a giant, uncomfortable tooth fairy), but as soon as they left Voyeur nightclub they started fighting in their limo. At some point, Paris’ phone went flying out the window. She ran out looking for it, to no avail, and allegedly told Doug that she wanted to kill him. The night ended in a physical struggle. [Celebuzz] — Fast-forward to today when all her contacts are pissed at the lucky homeless guy who probably picked it up.
  • Every day is Halloween for Lady Gaga, so she was excited to not dress up this year. “I found out that some people will be dressing like me, so I’m hoping I can just not dress up and go out unnoticed … I’ll just get really drunk with all my friends.” [NBC] — Sounds like she’s un-diva-ing herself for the occasion, but it’s a pretty good trick to go sans outfit while all your fans (including Perez Hilton) pick up the slack.
  • Dallas Cowboy cheerleader Whitney Isleib caused some controversy by putting on blackface to be rapper Lil’ Wayne. One fan said, “I’m assuming you would hold yourself up to a higher standard — especially if you’re playing for the Cowboys.” [CBS] — Really? Higher standard? She’s a cheerleader, not a member of the UN. And didn’t Tyra have her models on “America’s Next Top Model” try on different races last week?
  • Miley Cyrus is still just 16 years old, but the mini diva can essentially do whatever she wants. Which might be why she ended up at a Kentucky bar on Halloween, singing Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock ‘n Roll” on stage with the band that was playing. [Celebuzz] — Of course, no one complained about her actions, but shouldn’t we protect young stars from the awful things that happen in bars? Like bad come-ons and unflattering lighting?
  • Heidi and Spencer Pratt didn’t just dress up like Jon and Kate Gosselin for Halloween. They hired extras to play a TLC film crew to capture them acting out the dysfunctional couple. [The News Room] — Heaven forbid these two produce eight children of their own.