Who Has The World’s Hottest Accent?

What is it about men with accents? It gives them that je ne sais quoi … well, actually, according to a new international poll, the French no longer speak the language of love. A super sexy-sounding Irish brogue, à la Jonathan Rhys Meyers, drives all the ladies wild. No wonder it’s called the luck of the Irish! And there’s good news for all gentlemen, the study also found it’s really not what you say but how you say it. Accents factor heavily into a man’s chances of becoming a Casanova, with six out of ten women having done a dude just because he talks purdy.

So, how did our sweet-talkin’ American hunks stack up when it comes to lingual seduction? Find out after the jump.

#1 Irish

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

#2 Italian

Alessandro Del Piero

#3 Scottish

Ewan McGregor

#4 French


#5 Australian

Ryan Kwanten

#6 British

Robert Pattinson

#7 Swedish

Alexander Skarsgard

#8 Spanish

Javier Bardem

#9 Welsh

Christian Bale

#10 American

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Hey, American studs! Congrats on crackin’ the top 10! But gals, do you really think this poll got it right? [Daily Mail]