Quickies: Ryan Seacrest Gets Military Apology And The “Irritating” Kate Winslet Wins Lawsuit

  • The U.S. Army apologized to Ryan Seacrest after learning the “American Idol” host’s stalker was one of their own. Chidi Uzomah Jr., a sergeant with the Army Reserves, entered the E! offices on Friday armed with a knife. He also attacked one of Seacrest’s bodyguards in September. [People] — Ryan sort of annoys us, but he doesn’t deserve to be stalked.
  • During a D.C. Council hearing on marriage equality, a witness paused during his testimony to propose to his partner. [The Daily What] — Aww.
  • Weezer teamed up with Snuggie to promote their new album [Spinner] — I believe a 2009 remix for “Undone (The Sweater Song)” could be in the making.

  • The British tabloid that gave Kate Winslet the title “World’s Most Irritating Actress” must give the actress $40,000 after she sued. [PopEater]
  • Ladies and gentlemen, the world’s first Twitter-only device. [WSJ] — A lot of annoying people we know use Twitter to communicate with friends instead of texting, so this sort of makes sense.
  • Nearly half of DVR users still watch commercials. [The Atlantic] — Purpose: Defeated.