How Will You Remember This Decade?

Perhaps you youngsters don’t remember it as well, but for the 30-somethings like me, doesn’t it seem like yesterday we were freaking out (or watching other people freak out) over the whole Y2K thing, the computer bug that was to end life as we knew it at the dawn of the new millennium? That was almost ten years ago! We’ve got less than two months left in this decade, which, incidentally never seemed to develop a name of its own, did it? I mean, what do we call this decade? The “2000s” doesn’t seem quite right since it sort of applies to the whole millennium. The “aughts” never really caught on. Maybe future generations will refer to this decade as “that era when so much went down.” A new website called You AUGHT To Remember reflects back on some of that stuff — the 100 top trends of the decade — from social networking to presidential elections, the resurgence of vampires, and probably the panty-less trend among young Hollywood pop tarts. Even without the distance of much time, it’s a fascinating walk down memory lane. What have been some of the most memorable trends for you?

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