Death By Defenestration And Fashion Go Hand In Hand

Apparently, the buyers at New Zealand boutique Superette think the clothes they sell are so bitchin’ they’d still look cute on a dead girl. Congrats on turning the statement “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that!” on its head, but we think your ad is a bit tacky (and creepy), guys. Let’s take a look at the implications of this particular ad, shall we? First you’ve got what is clearly the lawn, fence and window of a very nice house, suggesting that the dead girl and her hot dress were partying it up in style. Awesome, right? Next, to further support the radness of her evening prior to being run through with a metal fence post, there’s the abandoned bottle of what appears to be champagne on the grass next to her. Somehow, it survived the fall even if its drinker didn’t.

Then there’s the particularly gruesome death the well-dressed lady in question suffered. Defenestration followed by a fence post through the abdomen and a seeping puddle of blood? Kind of intense for a store looking to sell party dresses, don’t you think? It’s also uncomfortably reminiscent of the first death in “The Virgin Suicides.” We’re no prudes, but this latest installment in an ever-growing group of ads and editorials that end badly for their pretty subjects is weirding us out. And while it definitely does make us think about the store running the ad, the associations aren’t particularly positive, and that decently attractive orange dress is the last thing we’re look at.