Breath Checker Device Lets You Know If You’re Primed To Kiss

In our digital age, that old hand-to-mouth trick to check your breath is so passé. (Plus unreliable if you just caressed your hands with some scented lotion. Ahh, guava patchouli breath … mmm. Kidding.) That’s why there’s this Date Breath Checker, a hilarious Japanese (of course) gadget that reads the levels of grossness on your breath. Helping you prep for that first date kiss, all you do is blow into the purse-sized device, and it analyzes your odor through a series of very technical smiley/frowny faces. Happy icon? That sweet crème brulée did you good. Sad face? Why did you even suggest Indian in the first place?While we’re apt to sigh and think, Here’s another useless device which at best is entertaining and at worst perpetuates paranoid women stereotypes, we’re actually kind of into the idea. How many times have you been about to make out and thought, Wonder if my breath stinks?

But is this thing really worth 50 bucks? Shouldn’t there be an iPhone app for this? [$50, Japan Trend Shop]