Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Julian Casablancas To Weezer

It’s new release Tuesday, so it’s time to take the latest tunes for a spin! This week it’s all about The Strokes main man, Julian Casablancas, going solo and putting out one of the superflyest vigilante records ever. But he’s not the only hotness on this phat Tuesday. Carrie Underwood is weak for bad boys, Weezer’s got mad raditude, Say Anything keeps talkin’ the talk, and Schwayze is ready to throw a beat down on the dance floor. So, let’s get into the groove, after the jump!

Julian Casablancas, Phrazes For The Young
Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas has struck out on his own and is looking and sounding good, girl! The hipster hottie is still nailing the poetic fuzzy whine and skinny pants, with the added bonus of seeming happy. Check out the crooning cutie trying to dance along on Conan last week. Swoon!

Carrie Underwood, Play On
This “American Idol” is sexing up the country crossover with her new bad boy song, “Cowboy Casanova.”

Weezer, Raditude
If you’re wondering if you still want to be buying records from your fave ‘90s band, Weezer, all you have to do is listen to their catchy pop single and agree: “If You’re Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To).” The grunge emo dudes have come out of their shell and it seems like there’s no destroying their sweater or their hit-making ability.

Say Anything, Say Anything
Say Anything is still cranking out teen anthems like “Hate Everyone.” So, if you know a kid who wears a lot of Hot Topic, like the middle schooler that trick-or-treated at my brother’s house dressed as an abortion, get him this pop rock record for Xmas.

Schwayze, Let It Beat
While Cisco Adler’s dick may be more famous than his band, Schwayze is back with beats you and Rumer Willis, at least, want to grind on.