We’d Have Never Guessed This Is A Swimming Cap

When it comes to fashion, some people are so obsessed, they’re like bad painters. They just. Keep. Adding. So, seriously, is it that imperative that your toe nail clippers be embellished with Swarovski crystals or your key chain be from Gucci?

Now for the little Miss Fancy Pants who wants to get noticed at the pool, there are these special swimming caps by British label PPQ. They’re actually part of a new campaign to encourage swimming. (Um, random. But if you think crazy bathing caps are going to get people off the couch and into the pool, be our guest.) There are four caps that will go up for auction on eBay to support a swimming organization. Each calls upon a different style era. There’s a punk version featuring spikes and tough dog-collar details, as well as rockabilly and ’50s themes. Pictured above, “Royal Britain,” a gold crown-adorned number with some ample strands of fake pearls, which looks like they’d weigh you down were you not a strong swimmer. Another look after the jump… [MyFashionLife.com]