Jodie Sweetin Talks Drug Use And Recovery On “Today”

unSweetined, Jodie Sweetin’s book about her drug addiction and recovery, officially hits bookstores tomorrow, and the former “Full House” star spoke to Matt Lauer on “Today” this morning. As we know from reading an excerpt from the book, Jodie was still using when she began touring the country, warning college students about the dangers of using drugs. The day before she caught a flight to speak to students at Marquette University, she had partied for hours, drinking alcohol and using ecstasy and cocaine. She even bought some coke, which she hid in her makeup compact, on the flight. Jodie told Matt that part of the reason she started drinking and using drugs was to get away from the squeaky-clean Stephanie Tanner image that had become associated with her. After experimenting a little with drugs in high school and college, Jodie said she began to heavily use in her early 20s. Though she gave birth to a daughter, Zoie Herpin, in April 2008, Jodie didn’t stop using until about eight months later, and she’ll celebrate a year of being clean and sober on Dec. 8.

This is the second time Jodie has gone on morning TV to talk about getting over her drug addiction. In 2006, she talked to “Good Morning America” about spending six weeks at a Promises treatment center, only she hadn’t quite kicked the habit at that point. On “Today” this morning, she said she didn’t have much control over that round of press, since the tabloids made her addiction public and she wasn’t actually ready to deal with it:

“When it first came out that I had gone to rehab and that I was trying to get things together, it wasn’t of my own choosing that that story came out, and I don’t think I was in a place at that point in my life to really do what it took to be honest and to get to a place where what I was saying was actually true and that I was actually living by those principles in my life.”

Now, Jodie says she’s ready to be honest about her drug problem, and hopefully this time around, she has really quit for good.