How Long Until You Let A New Guy See You Without Makeup?

Unless you’re a Neutrogena spokesmodel with flawless skin, you know there’s a huge difference between you with makeup and the bare-faced you. At least, I know this in my case. It’s not that my skin tone is that uneven or that I have so much acne, but I look like a completely different (and prettier) person with a swipe of foundation and a dab of concealer in the problem areas. This poses a problem once I start getting intimate with someone. In the beginning of a relationship, the last thing I want is my guy to see my new zits or ghostly complexion, so I often wear my makeup to bed when we’re together. As for steamy showers together—don’t get that water near my face! It really sucks because I’m not doing my skin a service by sleeping in my makeup (#1 beauty sin). Yet at the same time, I won’t feel as good about myself around him if he sees me au natural.

Has this happened to you? At what point with a new guy do you take off your mask?