Dracula Therapy Is The Scariest Anti-Aging Treatment We’ve Ever Heard Of

Warning: for those who are squeamish about needles, blood, or both, this beauty treatment is definitely not for you. So please, carry on, and we’ll catch you later. For the “True Blood” lovers or facial-happy folks, prepared to be intrigued. The latest in anti-aging treatments, according to the Daily Mail, is what’s referred to as “Dracula Therapy,” where a doctor draws your blood, extracts minerals from it, and injects it back into the skin on your face with dozens of pricks. The supposed result? Disappearance of fine lines, improvement of skin tone, and rejuvenated skin. Sounds like something straight out of a horror movie, right?Also known as S3, short for stimulated self serum skin therapy, the treatment is not common practice, but rather the invention of a Dr. Daniel Sister, who took the existing principles of using the patient’s own “serum” to heal gums and sports injuries and applied it to cosmetics. In essence, what the doctor injects back into your skin is an “enriched” substance with vitamins and amino acids, which encourage DNA growth. So, does the creepy procedure actually work? The Daily Mail’s reporter got to try it herself.

Hearing her account makes us think that Dracula Therapy is only for the brave-hearted: “S3 Therapy starts with Dr Blum taking blood from my arm — four vials of it — which are put in a centrifuge to separate out the red cells. After a few minutes the vials emerge, with thick red blood at the bottom and a yellowish clear liquid at the top, which he siphons off and mixes with vitamins and proteins.”

Then comes the painful part. “[He] injected all over my face from hairline to jawline, crosshatching my face with tiny pinpricks. I felt like a voodoo doll…” The end result, however, sounds pretty great. “The lines between nose and mouth and on my forehead had vanished. A Vesuvius of a spot on my chin was much reduced.”

So … does this make you want to suck your blood? Man, and here we thought Halloween was over. [Daily Mail]