30 Things A Woman Should Not Try Before 30

Our editor Amelia is turning 30 in a few short weeks and her essay on the subject really resonated with Frisky readers, both younger and older than 30. With that in mind, we’ll be reposting our “30 Before 30″ series, which originally ran late last year, over the next few weeks. Enjoy!

We’ve talked a lot about the things you should know and do before turning the big 3-0, but until now, we have yet to discuss the things you’d be crazy to try before your 30th birthday. While you may be in a rush to squeeze in as many adventures and escapades as you can before the clock strikes midnight and the curtain drops on your 20s, there are quite a few things you’d be a total fool to willfully experience. After the jump, 30 things you should not try before turning 30*…1. Going on a blind date without an escape plan
2. Having sex without protection (outside a monogamous, baby-bound relationship)
3. Getting an ill-fated, post-breakup haircut
4. Asking for the “Jessica Simpson” at the tanning salon
5. Getting kicked off a plane for wearing a skirt that’s too short
6. Sleeping with the governor for money
7. Waxing your brows under the influence
8. Getting engaged on a reality TV show
9. Wearing a plunging neckline without double-sided tape
10. Worrying about getting old (you have the rest of your life for that!)
11. Mixing wine, vodka, gin, rum and beer in one night
12. Buying a Ford
13. Sleeping with your boss
14. Staying with a man after he hits you
15. Eating the fish entrée on the plane
16. Moving in with the guy you barely know
17. Wearing a sports bra for anything other than sports
18. Getting a tattoo of a mermaid, a butterfly, or a fairy on your lower back
19. Leaving the batteries in your vibrator while traveling
20. Using your real name for cybersex
21. Saying “I love you” first
22. Getting in debt buying shoes
23. Or handbags
24. Or too many lattes, for crying out loud
25. Eating thirds
26. Wearing high-waisted jeans if you aren’t Kate Moss (or her size)
27. Dating or sleeping with your best friend’s ex
28. Dating or sleeping with your ex’s best friend
29. (Unless, of course, your ex was a D-bag)
30. Begging your ex to come back

*It’s recommended you not try any of these after you turn 30, either.