Are You Into The Uplighting Haircolor Trend?

So, what are your feelings on Alexa Chung and Cameron Diaz’s two-toned hair in these photos? Personally, I’m digging it—I love that Cam rocked the bubble-gum pink Chanel with the un-did hair. She’s not taking her look too seriously, which I love. And, well, Alexa can rock most any look and still come off as seriously cool. Apparently, they didn’t just grow out their blond highlights to achieve the look; they paid money for it—it’s called uplighting. A stylist only places highlights on the bottom bits of your hair. Actually, according to the Daily Mail, sections of hair are backcombed and then bleached at the end. The roots are left dark and the ends are lightened. But, got to say, it’s one thing to like a look on a celeb and quite another to attempt it on yourself. What are we feeling? Yay or nay to uplighting? [Daily Mail]