Kenny G, Weezer, And Other Bizarro Musical Collaborations

When I think of Kenny G, his long, curly fro and smooth jazz saxaphone stylings come to mind—not nerdy glasses and skinny jeans. And yet, Kenny G is teaming up with indie rock gods, Weezer, for a song on their album, Raditude, which drops next week. Frontman Rivers Cuomo apparently emailed The G and asked him to contribute a solo for “I’m Your Daddy.” Kenny fully admits that he didn’t even know who Weezer was before he got the email, but that didn’t stop him from diving fro first into the collaboration. My ears are already confused but still … can’t wait to hear it! [Popeater]

Kenny G and Weezer are not the first odd couple to make beautiful music together. After the jump music’s oddest pairings.

Music has never been the same since rocker Steven Tyler and hip-hoppers Run DMC showed us how to “Walk This Way.” Freaking genius.

I think Taylor Swift should keep her day job as a country star. Her parody collaboration with rapper T-Pain at the 2009 CMT Awards was just that … hilarious. Should T-Pain and T-Swift make a real record ? I think not.

Nobody would expect dark rocker Nick Cave to have anything in common with pop princess Kylie Minogue. But you might just go wild over their version of “Where The Wild Roses Go” —a haunting love story. In this case opposites certainly do attract.

How did Eminem combat rumors that he was a homophobe? By inviting gay icon Elton John to perform “Stan” with him at the Grammys. They even hugged at the end. Awkies!

Easy listening king, Burt Bacharach was certainly branching out when he asked rapper Dr. Dre to produce his 2005 album, At This Time. Dre even layed the beats for a few of the tracks. Trés interesting.

Metallica decided to go heavy on the strings rather than the metal when they teamed up with the San Francisco Orchestra to perform a live version of their song “The Memory Remains.” Amazingly their fans still found a way to head bang.