Step Away From The Farm!

My Facebook page has been taken over by FarmVille updates. So-and-so just harvested their stock! Your friend just sold his wares! Help your neighbor scare off crows! And on, and on, and on. The game is sweeping the social networking world and, apparently, running people’s lives. One man gets up in the middle of the night in order to harvest his crops. A husband made his hungry, pregnant wife wait while he tended to his raspberries. Conversations revolve around FarmVille coins and experience rankings. Really?!!To date, 62 million people have added the application to their pages in order to play, and 22 mill return daily to check in on the farm’s progress. That means there are 60 FarmVille “farmers” to every one real-life farmer. This is no ordinary fad: Business-minded people have created spreadsheets in order to figure out the best investments, musical fans have thought of songs, and now you can actually buy coins to virtually use on your farm. But the reason it becomes so necessary to pay close attention is due to the time restraints. Your crops will rot or a rogue animal could take over your farm if you’re not tending to your inches of land. (Did we mention that THESE FARMS AREN’T REAL?) As if people weren’t glued to their computer screens before, this certainly is not helping. Are you a prisoner to your farm? Do we need rehab for FarmVille? [New York Times]