Scientists’ Study Of Twins Confirms What We Already Knew About Looking Younger Longer

Science reveals common sense to be fact! A study conducted by Dr. Bahman Guyuron and published in The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal researched the appearance of aging twins to determine why one half of the pair would be protected by time while the other would become wrinkled. While the side-by-side slide shows can be shocking, the reasons behind the wrinkles are exactly what your mama warned you about. Keep reading to find out how some of the twins stayed young-looking:

  • Stop smoking. Seriously. Not only is it grosser in real life than on “Mad Men,” it also will make your face droop. Check out the permanent poofy under-eye bags a decade of smoking earns.
  • No sunbathing. At least no unprotected sunbathing. Slathering on the sunblock keeps away the spotting, mottling, and the wrinkling. SPF-enhanced moisturizer to the rescue!
  • Keep yourself happy (without smoking and sunbathing). This seems devastatingly unfair, but being depressed will make you look more depressed. Unhappiness plants itself in the face, carving out frown lines that can remain long beyond the Paxil prescription. Do things that bring you pleasure or fight back against the monster through therapy, treatment, working out (which studies show can do almost as much as anti-depressants in some cases), being with friends, chocolate, or whatever it is that brings back the smiles.
  • Don’t be a stick-insect. Like we’ve said before, being too thin has been statistically proven to make people look unattractive, but furthermore, it will make you look older faster. Without any fat, the face loses elasticity, giving demon wrinkles a foothold.
  • Binge drinking is out. Dehydration is bad! Again, this reduces the skin’s elasticity. Red wine, however, has the good stuff. Yay!