Glamourpuss: Why Socialites Shouldn’t Be Allowed Near Sewing Machines

Can socialites please stop designing horrible clothing? Who is even letting these women get near sewing machines? Gigi Mortimer and Courtney Moss are two socialite moms. Not just any moms, though. They’re also hockey moms, and it was at a hockey game that the two came up with the idea for an accessories range: “[They] were lamenting the fact that it’s all too easy to opt for jeans and jackets. Even hockey games merit a bit of chic, n’est pas?” Try n’est-no. What resulted is a collection called Glamourpuss, which includes neckwarmers in a variety of jelly bean colors called “fur funnels” made of rabbit fur and leather. What’s the “foxy mitten” made out of? We think you can guess.

Next up for the Glamourpuss team—a range of swimsuits. Courtney Moss explains, “…There’s something about fur and swimsuits together that just works, right?” Huh. That’s a new one for us. []