Hulk Hogan And 6 Other Celebs Who Attempted Suicide

Hulk Hogan’s autobiography, My Life Outside the Ring, came out yesterday and, well, it’s pretty depressing. The Hulk says that after his divorce from Linda, he was suicidal and downed a bunch of Xanax with a bottle of rum, while holding a gun in his hand. Of the experience, he wrote, “I could feel the life draining out of me. It had me curling my index finger on the trigger of a loaded handgun and putting it in my mouth. Obviously I didn’t kill myself, but I came damn close.” Sad face. [People]

It’s startling how many celebrities have tried to kill themselves. After the jump, who’s tried and what changed their mind.

  • Brigitte Bardot tried to commit suicide on her 26th birthday by taking a bottle of sleeping pills and slitting her wrists. “I really wanted to die at certain periods in my life,” she said. “Death was like love, a romantic escape. I took pills because I didn’t want to throw myself off my balcony and know people would photograph me lying dead below.” [NNDB] — That’s why I would never do it in a bathtub, because presumably I’d have to be naked.
  • Ryan Philippe was apparently just as torn up as the Hulk about his divorce from Reese Witherspoon. He told reporters, “After the divorce, I wanted to die. I was ready to kill myself. I was not taking care of myself at all. I would wake up and cry and vomit.” [Backseat Cuddler] — We’re glad he’s now sublimating his cruel intentions onto movies instead of onto himself.
  • Drew Barrymore attempted suicide when she was 15 years old. She says now, “I am a yin and a yang Piscean. I’m an extremist, I’m a polarity. No wonder I’m a schizophrenic.” [Into Gossip] — It does seems like Drew has lived at least two lifetimes already.
  • Comedian Drew Carey tried to take his life in his early 20s. He said, “I was depressed for a long time. Living in Hollywood, you can get disconnected from everybody. You can feel like you are the only one. So you feel it, you hold it in and you don’t let it go and you don’t try to find help because you think, ‘Oh man if I tell anybody, I’m going to seem like I’m weak. I won’t get a movie deal. I won’t get invited to…’” [About Depression] — Strange how it’s almost always the funniest people who are secretly the saddest.
  • Rapper Eminem tried to off himself with non-prescription painkillers. “I took a lot of them, I took a bunch of pain killers—Tylenol. I took 13, 16 of ‘em and f**in’ threw ‘em up,” he said. “I thought I was going die, I thought I was going to die for real.” [Eminem.Net] — Oh man, is that too many? I do that every time I get my period.

But seriously, suicide is not at all a joke. If you or anyone you know has thought about it, it’s time to seek help.