Ask The Astrosexologist: Will Things Ever Be The Same Again?

I’m a Capricorn (25/12/91) and I’ve been seeing a Pisces (24/02/93) for about one and a half years. Our relationship has been very good most of the time. He is everything a Pisces guy should be: romantic, giving, loving and gentle. However, for the past few months, we’ve had several quarrels that lasted for days, but everything turned out all right in the end and things went back to normal — but just last week, we had another quarrel over a minor issue and I pushed him away in a moment of anger and used harsh words. He took it all in and acted fine, but then later the same day he told me he needed a break. At first, he told me that the reason was because he didn’t want us to continue like we have been and for things where we wouldn’t be able to keep in contact. I took it for real and told him I would move on. Right after that, he told me he still loved me a lot and that he was simply very tired from the quarrels and needed time to pick himself up. He added that he would return for me when he was feeling better again. I love him very much and asked him to stay. He did. He still tells me he loves me and we still go out often, but he doesn’t seem to be the same. When I am not out with him, he doesn’t talk to me and told me he needed some time alone. He used to be very caring, but now he seems to keep to himself. It is making me feel insecure. I am confused by the reasons he gave for the breakup and I am worried things will remain this way. Is there any way that I can help him or am I just wasting my time hoping things would be like how it was before the breakup? – Lost Capricorn

It seems unclear that you are actually broken up. He says he needs space, then you ask him to stay and he does, then you expect things to be the same? Your man is a double Pisces, which means double the amount of compassion a normal Pisces has and that means falling prey to what people want from him, rather than doing what he needs to do for himself. He told you that he needed space to put himself back together and he would be back when he was done — you have to respect his wishes and be able to let him go. This is what he needs for himself. The fact that he is sticking around for your benefit is just a testament to how much he does love you. To return the favor back, give him what he needs — space.

Plus, the more he just gives to you, the more drained he will be and less able to be the loving person you once knew. This is a vicious cycle you are in, thinking it will work itself out through enough time. Space is the only solution to this situation. While you are a Capricorn who likes to be hands-on, this is the time you are going to have see how much faith you have in this relationship and in yourself to be able to do the right thing and see what the future reveals by letting it go now. Otherwise, going this claustrophobic route and trying to ignore the big elephant in the room, your unhappy Pisces, is only going to create a resentment that could turn permanent and ruin all chances of the possible happily ever after you may be hoping for or even a salvageable friendship.

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