Ashton’s Best Friend Is His Rabbi?

On Wednesday, Ashton Kutcher announced that his best friend isn’t Demi Moore—it’s Kabbalah leader, Rabbi Yehuda Berg. “My best friend? Yehuda Berg, To me, he’s not a rabbi. He’s my friend,” said Ashton. “If you truly want to change the world, you have to start by changing yourself. [Berg] taught me that and it’s been the most important lesson of my life.” [People]

Are we being “Punk’d”? As random as that might be, many celebrities are capable of maintaining friendships with normal people, even if those people get increasingly famous by association.

  • Amy Winehouse has been best friends since primary school with Juliette Ashby, who’s a telemarketer/singer-songwriter. They have been causing trouble just as long—they’ve shared men and they’ve shared a flat, which was the first thing Amy bought after she signed her contract. Of their bond Amy says, “I’d be dead if it wasn’t for Juliette. Easily.” [Guardian] — Well, at least someone’s looking out for Wino!
  • Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey originally worked together on Baltimore’s WJZ-TV station where Gayle was a production assistant and Oprah was a news anchor. Now Gayle acts as the editor-at-large of O: The Oprah Magazine. [Huffington Post] — They totally love each other. It’s kinda lame they have to keep denying all the lezzie rumors.
  • Rachel Bilson’s best friend Jill Stonerock broke my heart when she married “The O.C.” creator, Josh Schwartz. Bilson was originally trying to set Jill up with Benjamin McKenzie, when Schwartz said, “What about me? Ben doesn’t need help.” [InStyle Weddings] — I guess that’s the real benefit of famous besties. Even though Jill has to deal with unflattering drunken paparazzi shots taken alongside Rachel.
  • Jessica Alba spends a lot of time with her gay BFF, director Bille Woodruff. He nursed her through her “Dark Angel” breakup from Michael Weatherly by handing her Robert Greene’s The Art of the Seduction. He says, “Jessica didn’t really need it, but I wanted to remind her of the diva that she is. That was my tough love. I was like, ‘Don’t let him call you anymore!’ She did not stop crying. She was like, [mimics crying] ‘Nobody likes me…'” [Just Jared] — Everyone needs a gay best friend who will actually tell you if you look fat in those jeans. I moved away from mine, which is why I started wearing JNCOs and dating truckers.
  • The seemingly sweetest person ever, Taylor Swift put her real-life bestie Abigail Anderson in her recent single, “Fifteen.” She constantly talks about her bond to the redhead, and puts her in MySpace video blogs sometimes. [CMT] — Good thing Taylor’s got adorable besties and hot topless boys in her life to protect her from the catastrophic terror that is Kanye West.