The Halloween Inspiration Board: Jareth The Goblin King

I probably watched Jim Henson’s “Labyrinth”–starring a young Jennifer Connelly opposite the rawtha formidable one-and-only David Bowie, who played Jareth, the intimidating Goblin King–approximately 100 times when I was a kid and that’s no exaggeration. You better believe Bowie brought his signature sexy androgyny to the table and let’s just say it made a very young lady feel kinda funny inside. Is it weird to dress up as your childhood crush? Nah, but maybe it is a little kinky…

  1. Rocker Wig, $11.99, Buy Costumes
  2. Knit Waist Top, $19, Forever 21
  3. Glistening Sequin Pant, $29.80 Forever 21
  4. Steampunk Military Jacket, $54, Hot Topic