Man Sends Nakey Pics Of His Ex As His Christmas Card

It’s natural to want to get revenge on an ex after he breaks your heart. But please don’t get any ideas this holiday season from Tennessee man David Simmons. David didn’t send sprigs of mistletoe or burn his ex-girlfriend’s clothing under the tree or anything moderately psycho like that. He had a far more cheerful idea. The 57-year-old decided to make some very special Christmas cards to send to his ex’s relatives — they were not of the Hallmark variety. The said cards contained explicit pictures of his ex performing sex acts on him. Let’s just say it was not a Merry Christmas for Simmons’ ex and her unsuspecting family members. Simmons will be facing charges for his attempt at spreading holiday cheer. I’m thinking his ex’s New Year’s resolution will be to stop taking nude photos. Ho! Ho! Ho! [Metro]