The Halloween Inspiration Board: Sherlock Holmes

Halloween is the perfect time for a little gender-bending. And Sherlock Holmes is one of the best fictional detectives making a resurgence this year with a new movie, so why not combine the two for your costume? All you need are a few classic menswear pieces that can be pilfered from your dad’s closet, thrifted, or purchased (details after the jump).

  1. Melinda Hook-Bar Slacks, $15.80, Forever 21
  2. Wool Capelet, $27.80, Forever 21
  3. Durable Tobacco Pipe, $6.05, Amazon
  4. Target Circle Silk Printed Ascot, $16.99, Amazon
  5. UO Felt Fedora, $28, Urban Outfitters

[Image: Sherlock Holmes Movie]