Star Couplings: Pamela Anderson Isn’t Pregnant, Says Pal

  • Pamela Anderson got the baby rumor mill grinding earlier this week when she was spotted with a “baby bump,” but fashion pal Richie Rich says she’s not pregnant. [Us Weekly] — Maybe she, gasp, had a big meal or was bloated.
  • Despite published tabloid reports that say otherwise, Mary-Kate Olsen isn’t engaged to boyfriend Nate Lowman and isn’t preparing a prenuptial agreement. [People]
  • Taylor Squared is totes in love, LOLOLOLOL! [Page Six]

  • Jessica Simpson still has high hopes for finding a man, telling “Extra” her criteria: “I definitely love a spiritual man — somebody that is going to always inspire me.” [PopEater] — She should also probably stay away from former boy-band members, athletes, and jerks like John Mayer.
  • Orlando Bloom and girlfriend Miranda Kerr enjoyed a recent evening stroll in L.A. so much that she felt the need to flash her bare butt on the street while doing her model walk. [E! Online] — This doesn’t sound all that different from a typical Victoria’s Secret runway show.