Quickies: Crying Ghost Girl & Paris Hilton Puts Out Voodoo Hit on Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Halloween means spooky, spooky ghosts are lurking, so check out what you see in the above video. [Urlesque] — Scary crying ghosts girl or figment of the collective imagination?

  • Hugh Jackman will not be hosting the Oscars again this year. Hollywood insider-types report that he was offered the gig, but quietly turned it down because he didn’t want to host two years in a row. [a href=”http://weblogs.variety.com/bfdealmemo/2009/10/no-oscars-for-jackman.html?ref=ssp” target=”new”>Variety] — No offense to Hugh, who I so love, but I didn’t want to see that awful song and dance number again anyway.
  • Schools across America are creating bucket-loads of new rules for Halloween costumes. No masks, no face make-up, nothing scary, no zombies. [NY Times] — Wouldn’t want to frighten anyone, especially not on Halloween. That would be wrong.
  • A-Rod’s bedroom boasts not one, but two paintings of the baller as a centaur hovering over the bed. [US Weekly] — I have no comment for this. Nothing quite covers the necessary level of “eeeew.”
  • David Spade is surprised that anyone is offended over the DIRECTV commercials featuring him and the late Chris Farley. [People] — I don’t know anyone who isn’t offended. What planet, exactly, is David Spade living on?
  • Paris Hilton hired a voodoo man known as “Pepe the Witch” to hex an old lover, Cristiano Ronaldo, by sending demons into his ankle. Obviously, Ronaldo hired his own mystic, Fafa, to protect his bad joojoo-infected ankle. [] — Why is this true?