Miley Cyrus Voted The Worst Influence Of 2009

The tween readers of AOL’s (for you people above the age of 15, that’s “Just So You Know”) have voted Miley Cyrus the worst celebrity influence of 2009. Why? Because of that pole-dancing stunt at the Teen Choice Awards? Or because of her reckless endangerment of Fuzzy? After the jump, let’s look at a list of celebrities who we think deserve the title for worst influence WAY more than Miley. [Yahoo]

  • Kanye West showed himself to be a much worse influence, when it comes to interrupting and not taking turns. [MTV]
  • Anna Faris says she accidentally “sent a text to a small child, asking the small child if they wanted to get drunk with me.” Which should by far beat Miley’s back-baring in Vanity Fair. [Amy Grindhouse]
  • Amy Winehouse had Sharon Osborne worried to death about her influence on her recovering drug addict daughter, Kelly. This makes Miley’s refusal to tweet seem even more benign, despite developing stories. [Celebrity Smack Blog]
  • Kate Moss and Pete Doherty apparently joined Amy to inspire their own study, by the United Nations, which examines how celebrity junkies are a bad influence. [Mail & Guardian]
  • And what about the royal triumvirate of bad girl influences? I’ve seen some change in Britney’s behavior, but “the underwear-challenged trio” (of her, Lindsay and Paris) could probably just keep re-crowning themselves the worst influence every year. [Into Gossip]

Who do you think should have won?