In Bed With … Devendra Banhart

May 30, 1981 Houston, Texas
Sun: Gemini
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Sagittarius
Mercury: Gemini
Venus: Cancer
Mars: Virgo

Love Style:

Variety is the spice of life for Devendra. The way he loves is all about being able to mentally connect with someone and to seemingly travel through various dimensions and feel as if another consciousness is opening up. Yes, completely true to his psychedelic/hippie style, he is all about finding coziness with someone who can be his co-pilot through major catharsis and endless curiosity. He’s best with someone who never stops wondering, imagining and creating. The more she provides for him to mentally sink his soul into, the more heightened his love will be. It’s all about the ability to be on that wavelength together — where interests, inquisitiveness and revelation all meld into a time bomb of energy and inspiration. Of course, the catch is there is a superficial element to all of it, and matching up also means looking picture-perfect together. Yes, when it comes to love, Devendra will only activate for the total package deal, with image as the essential building block to his dream life.

Sex Style:

Most likely prone to having an ADD way about him in the sack, if honed properly, it can come across as unpredictable and lively. Chances are he’s got a super kinky element to him and he’s the type of guy that has a more-the-merrier approach to sex. Yes, group sex is most likely his ultimate turn-on, even though he has the capability to hold one in full esteem. However, partying his body with everyone is just one aspect of his desire, as it’s trying new experiences, in all sorts of places and perhaps bending both ways too. Take him outdoors for his best performance and be ready to cuddle after, as he might be all about getting freaky, but he’s the kind of guy that is also sweet, affectionate and generous in bed too. Sure, he might like to share more than most, but at the least he will try to give enough for everyone to feel satisfied.

His Type:

Devendra’s type is someone just like him: smart, creative, worldly and compassionate. As a social creature, he’s best with someone that can play co-host to his world and add on a new dimension with their own social life — growing their community with new elements. He likes intellectual exchanges, and as many as possible, so the one that can be his best match is someone that is also as generous with their time and energy. Jealousy has no place in his life and anyone that can’t get with that won’t last. While he does have a nurturing way about him and does ultimately want that one-on-one intimate relationship that he can call his own, it needs to be intermixed with someone that is basically an extension of himself and can flip-flop their personalities to suit the environment. A bit narcissist? Sure, but in his mind, “Why stray from something that works so well?”

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