Hot Right Now: Bird Skull Jewelry

My first encounter with bird skull jewelry came a few weeks ago at a motorcycle/clothing/coffee (I know, weird combo) shop in the West Village. The ring was sterling silver and the bird skull cast was the perfect length for my finger, but the ring itself was too big. Much to my dismay, the smallest size the company makes slides around on my long, thin, witchy fingers. Being a bit on the obsessive side though, I decided not to let go of the dream but to hunt down an alternative bird skull ring. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t quite the hunt I’d expected. Bird skull jewelry is all over the place these days. Get your hands on some before you’re the only girl out there not wearing a necklace modeled after a skull. Cause how embarrassing would that be?! Info about where to find the aviary-inspired pieces shown above after the jump.

  1. This ring is even cooler than the original one I fell in love with. And less expensive. [$60, Martha Rotten]
  2. An itsy-bitsy pendant necklace with Swarovski crystals for eyes. [$166, Noemi Klein, Pixie Market]
  3. The bronze gives this starling skull an antique look that we’re digging. [$55, Lux Coronette, Etsy]
  4. Add this charm to a bracelet or any chain you like for an immediate update. [$32, Billy Blue 22, Etsy]