Career Move Or Really Weird Sexual Fetish?

Earlier this week our own Dr. V told us about seven surprising sexual fetishes that perhaps we hadn’t heard about before. A robot fetish, balloons, sneezing? Well, OK. If she says so — whatever floats people’s boats! Then a few days later I was flipping through this week’s Time Out New York and read about yet another odd fetish in the sex column, Get Naked. I’m beginning to wonder if people actually sit around thinking of the strangest fetishes they can imagine with the sole purpose of seeing them end up in some sex advice column they can pass around to all their friends. Because, honestly, I can’t imagine the fetish described in this letter is, like, real. Check it out after the jump.

I have what my boyfriend calls a fetish. We can be lying in bed, seemingly too tired for sex. Nearly dozing off, I’ll rub his back. Soon, I’ll feel more energized. I’ll find myself turning him over, saying, “Let’s see what we find.” That starts one of our routines: I straddle him and pop zits on his back. (Even when there are no zits, I’ll scour and push pores.) I think I’m naturally a tense person, and the zits are my easy way in—like little orgasms. I push them and they come. I usually find myself with enough interest and energy for sex after a good zit popping. Is this a fetish, a problem or a harmless quirk of our love life?

Zit-popping? “Little orgasms”? What?! Jamie Bufalino, the columnist congratulated the couple on “having such a deeply invested relationship,” but admitted that while popping pimples may be a harmless fetish, he doesn’t foresee it catching on as a widespread practice anytime soon. I wouldn’t think so either. Then again, the letter writer may have a career as an aesthetician.

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