Anonymous Columnist Will Make You Never Want To Work In Fashion

Ever thought of making a career in the fashion world? The Daily Mail’s anonymous “fashionista” columnist will definitely make you think twice. Reading her tales is kind of vom inducing, and her latest update recounts in shameless detail just how horrible she and her colleagues are. So, here’s our takeaway, boiled down for you, of what it means to work in the fashion industry, according to this nut anyway …

  1. Instead of doing work, you sit around using office supplies as drug paraphernalia: “I regularly brush cocaine off the fax machine … as a good friend of mine pointed out, people do still use fax machines, just in a new way.”
  2. When you do work, the only thing you do is catalog ugliness: “It’s my job to eliminate the [pictures] where the model looks fat, like she has only one arm, or like she has a lazy eye.”
  3. You are so blasé that you have no respect for people who have real, important jobs: “Fashionistas are famous for being too cool to be excited about anything. We never dance at parties, and we think our industry is the most desirable and important in the world. You’re a nurse and you saved three lives today? Whoopee do lady! I had a model not show up for a shoot — you don’t know what real pressure is!”
  4. But of course, it’s all about the little people: “I try to see my non-fashion friends as much as possible. They keep me sane (and they are more fun).”

Sounds like a blast, n’est-ce pas, chérie? Healthy, too! [Daily Mail]