Don’t Have Your Halloween Wedding In Sleepy Hollow

A few years ago, a vaguely goth friend of mine got engaged to her boyfriend, who is so gothtastic that his name might as well be Azrael. The two of them planned a pretty non-traditional wedding—they wanted to fly to Transylvania and get hitched in a haunted castle. But when they told their parents this, their plans got the kabosh. They ended up getting married in Ohio, instead. Today, I saw another story about a spooky wedding dream that got the smackdown. Lisa Panensky and Jim Nieves have been planning their wedding for over a year. They signed a contract to exchange their vows in the Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow, NY, which you may remember from Washington Irving’s creepy tale, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. But when the reverend heard this week that they planned to play the theme song from “The Munsters” during their ceremony and that they were going to wear costumes, he canceled their wedding and sent them a refund. What a party pooper. What’s a Halloween-loving couple to do? [AOL]