Teenage Burglars Used Their Tabloid Smarts To Rob 10 Celebrities

We’re all relieved that Rachel Bilson may soon get her jeans back—I just don’t know if she’ll want them now that they’ve been worn by someone else. We’re also glad that Paris Hilton has already picked up of big chunk of the $2 million-worth of jewelry stolen from her home. In September, we reported that 18-year-old Nicholas Prugo had been arrested on suspicion that he took part in the burglaries of Lindsay Lohan and Audrina Partridge’s cribs, and we speculated on how long before he turned in his well-accessorized conspirators. Well, now the jig is up for Prugo’s fantastically dressed teen gang. Four teens have been charged in the robberies, and police expect to charge three more.The celebrity obsessed haute-teen robbery ring studied their victims on the internet to figure out who was wearing the loot they wanted, where the victims lived, and when they’d be out of town. Their list of celebrity victims has expanded to include Megan Fox, Ashley Tisdale, and Orlando Bloom—I wonder if his hat collection made him a target.

Unlike her less fortunate couture conspirators, 18-year-old alleged fashion felon Alexis Neiers was lucky enough to have her sister and Playboy model, Tess Taylor, come to the jail after her arrest to record it for her new reality show post bail.

Meanwhile, accused ringleader Rachel Lee, who may have masterminded the whole thing from her home in Vegas, is even luckier. As of today, she has yet to be charged with anything. [Yahoo]