Car Crashes Into Couple’s Bedroom While They Sleep

What is the worst possible way to be woken up from your slumber at 4 a.m.? By a car crashing into your bed! No, this is not a cockamamie plot from a Hollywood action film; this is a real-life nightmare. Last week, University of Nevada students Kristin Palmer and Trent Wood were sleeping soundly when they were awoken by a car crashing through their bedroom window. At first they thought it was an earthquake, but soon discovered it was a car when they were engulfed in motor fluid and metal. Fearing an explosion or permanent paralyzation, they waited anxiously at first, and then they tried to stay calm while emergency workers freed them with chainsaws. Miraculously, they were able to wiggle out from under the car and did not sustain any serious injuries. How? They say they owe it to the saggy-ness of their bed—it prevented their bodies from being crushed.

The motorist, Eric Cross, was allegedly drunk at the time and purposefully drove the car into the bedroom, thinking it was the home of his ex and her new boyfriend. Nooo! He is facing charges for drunken driving, battery with a deadly weapon, possession of a stolen vehicle, driving without a license and careless driving. Holy crap! I don’t know what to say. So what are Palmer and Wood taking away from this horrifying brush with death? A wake-up call. “We feel like we have more of a purpose, like we were meant to live,” the couple said. Amen to that. []