The Wonderful World Of Musical Hand-Me-Downs

Out there pop singer Har Mar Superstar—who bears a striking resemblance to Ron Jeremy—wrote a song for Britney Spears called “Tall Boy.” The tune was about having sex with tall men and drinking cans of beer, so it’s not a big surprise that BritBrit passed on it. But Har Mar Superstar thinks this was, like, the best rejection ever. He put “Tall Boy” on his upcoming album, Dark Touches, and said, “It’s my favorite song I’ve written.” Actually, I could totally see Britney busting out this techno-esque tune while wearing some racy outfit. She’d probably just add a few electronically enhanced groans. [Spinner]

Lots of musicians perform hand-me-down songs. Here’s a collection of songs that were originally meant for another artist.

Beyonce’s “Halo” was written by One Republic lead singer Ryan Tedder. The catch? He originally wrote it for Leona Lewis, who agreed to record it but said Tedder was going to have to hold his horses because she was pretty swamped. Impatient Ryan took his song to Beyonce, who recorded it, shocking Leona and pissing off a lot of peeps. [ShowHype] — If Lewis had done this song it probably would have been less dramatic but, then again, we’d never had heard of it.

Justin Timberlake’s solo album got him lots of comparisons to Michael Jackson. Perhaps because “Rock Your Body” was originally intended to go on Michael’s 2001 album, Invincible, but the Neptunes ended up selling it to JT instead. [Wikipedia] — Makes it even more ironic that this was the Nipplegate song, where Justin let Janet Jackson’s boob fly free during the Super Bowl.

Speaking of MJ, the “new” Michael Jackson song, “This Is It,” isn’t actually new at all. It was co-written in 1983 by Paul Anka and Jackson and was supposed to go on Anka’s record, Walk A Fine Line. To make things more confusing, it appeared in 1991 on R&B singer Safire’s album as “I Never Heard.” Here’s the original version. [Guardian UK]

Snow Patrol’s “Just Say Yes” was originally supposed to appear on Gwn Stefani’s The Sweet Escape, until she nixed it. [Dog House Gallery] — Snow Patrol made it much more electronic than Gwenny would’ve, but we wish the track had the love-tortured vocals of something like “Don’t Speak.”

Mariah Carey’s shlocky mega-hit “Hero” was originally written for Gloria Estefan. And it was supposed to be the credits music for the movie, “Hero.” If Gloria had done the song, might she still be around? [Eternal Allegiance]

Beyonce also rocked another recycled song, “Smash into You.” The tune was originally called “Smack into You” and was written by music producer/songwriter Christopher “Tricky” Stewart for pop rocker Jon McLaughlin. [Neon Lime Light] — We’re kind of glad Beyonce took it. I don’t want to hear some dude singing a song about smacking into me.

And on a similar note, did you know that “Jingle Bells” was created as a Thanksgiving song? It was so popular that the choir who originally sang it were asked to redux it for Christmas. It’s been a Christmas song ever since.