Jeans Are The New Power Suit

President Obama gave fashion critics something to talk about when he displayed a pair of “mom jeans” at a baseball game, Nicolas Sarkozy and his lovely wife Carla both donned denim for a recent trip to Egypt, and the Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, chose jeans for a dinner date with Obama. Steve Jobs kept his fashion taste simple through the years — a black turtleneck and a pair of Levi’s 501s.

Suddenly, jeans are the new power look. While denim styles used to be saved for relaxing during the weekend, the denim obsession is making its way into the workforce. After all, if the prez can rock them, then America should too! But notice the entire look. Wearing jeans isn’t as simple as throwing on an old pair of Levi’s and a T-shirt. There’s an exact science to dressing up the perfect pair. First, it requires denim that fits — even if a bit of tailoring is required — and a darker hued pant. Keep the business look with an oxford and blazer and dress shoes. Most importantly, forget the trends — there’s no place for ripped jeans in the boardroom. Has your workplace relaxed its dress code to make room for jeans? [WSJ]