The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Fashion Photography

Darren McDonald is an Australian fashion photographer who is exploring a new medium (sort of). His latest photo series involves three simple screen grabs he took during a Skype session with model Caitlin Lomax. Slacker? Or creative? Refinery 29 calls McDonald’s idea a “smart alternative to high-production beauty shots.” If so, then we say becoming a fashion photographer is the easiest job ever! To begin your career change, here’s all you need to do …

  1. Own a computer with video capability. (Or steal one—you’re still a starving artist and you need to do what it takes to get to the top.) Download Skype.
  2. Find a willing subject to roll around on a bed for you. Ask her to take off her clothes. Alternatively, you can even style her yourself. Don’t worry if the fashion is horrible—you can’t see much in those pixelated Skype boxes anyhow. (It’s like free airbrushing!)
  3. Now for the artistic element: keep your fingers poised to make a screen shot. On Macs, hold down the shift, command, and 4 key simultaneously, then select the area on your desktop you want to take a picture of. Releasing the mouse will complete the shot.
  4. Um, that’s really about it. Watch your back Steven Meisel!