Our Latest Fashion Secret: Aldo Accessories

You may know Aldo as a mall staple and slightly cheaper version of Nine West. While we knew the shoe store made accessories like belts and jewelry, we didn’t really consider that they could actually be cute. Turns out we’ve either been wrong all along or Aldo has hired a new accessories designer with a very high-fashion outlook. To be fair, the sizable collection has a lot of jewelry that mimics played-out trends you’ve seen everywhere. In the mix, however, are some real gems like this Putton necklace (right) with an art deco vibe and this Blouin ring (left), which takes inspiration from Dior’s covetable flower cluster rings. Also notable: thin black cuffs with gold fastenings that remind us of CC Skye, knotted necklaces made of thick metal strands, and a gold link necklace interwoven with black ribbon and Gucci-esque d-ring details.

Accessible, cheap, and will leave others wondering what fancy designer you’re wearing. [Aldo]