Heineken Goes Green(er) With Recycled Tote Bags

Heineken ranks up there along Bud and Miller as a “guy beer.” Or at least, they really like to exploit female stereotypes in their commercials. Now the brand is showing a more female-oriented side with a new line of eco-friendly “green” totes. (Hey, we’re not stereotyping by placing “women” with “fashion”—this spread shows the bags on female models and in a women’s boutique.)

Actually, it would seem that Heineken’s environmentally friendly style project is pretty noble. The reusable grocery totes were made from non-recyclable scraps of Heineken’s billboards—waste that would have gone to a landfill. They also thought local by employing a team of Puerto Rican seamstresses, which, Heineken says, helped to create a “micro-enterprise.” We can’t say we’re into the designs, however. They’re just a bit too … masculine, maybe? Murses? [IBelieveInAdv.com]