It’s Lights On For “Friday Night Lights”!

Ever since that opening shot four years ago of mega-hot Tim Riggins passed out on his couch in his football uniform, I have been thoroughly and hopelessly addicted to “Friday Night Lights.” So I am close to despondent that, even though season four of the show premieres tonight on DirecTV at 9 p.m., I won’t be able to watch. See, I—like most television hounds—have standard cable, not DirecTV’s satellite service. Those of us who are DirecTV-less will have to wait until freaking January to see these episodes. Which is why I’m harnessing the power of the internet to ask—is there anyone out there who lives in New York City, has DirecTV, and is fired up to see what’s going down in Dillon, Texas, this year? I’ll bring mac and cheese and okra, and we can call it a tailgate party.

But that’s not why I’m writing. I’m writing because, assuming you’re anywhere near as obsessive about this show as I am, you’ll want some insider info on the new season.Thankfully, Entertainment Weekly has the scoop. Now that 80 percent of the show’s original characters have graduated from high school and moved on—Jason Street is being a papa in New York, Lyla Garrity is starting school at Vanderbilt, Smash Williams is trying his hand at college ball, even Tyra is college-bound—this will be a serious transition season for the show. So what’s gonna happen? This. (And duh, spoiler alert!)

  • When we left off, the Dillon school system had been split in two, with Coach Taylor being relegated to the wrong-side-of-the-tracks East Dillon High. Landry will be one of very few familiar faces in the locker room, and let’s just say that this new team is not so into discipline. Or winning, for that matter.
  • Adorable Matt Saracen made the decision to stay in Dillon, partly for his grandma, partly for Julie Taylor. Sadly, he’s now a pizza delivery boy. Can sweet Matt catch a break already?
  • Speaking of Julie, she continues her usual identity crisis annoyingness. Not. Worthy. Of. Matt.
  • Tim is sad that Lyla’s headed off to school but quickly takes up with an older woman (played by Alicia Witt). When that doesn’t work out, he goes for her daughter.
  • Because she’s the principal at Dillon High but her hubby now coaches at East Dillon High, Tami Taylor has no idea whom to root for on game days.

Sounds kind of amazing, right?