5-Year-Old Body Builder: Kid Sensation Or Child Abuse?

Am I the only one who thinks there is something really wrong with a 5-year-old who has a six-pack? The kid you are looking at (to the left) is one Giuliano Stroe, the 5-year-old who is the toast of Romania after walking on his hands for 33 feet with a medicine ball between his legs and securing a Guinness World Record. His father has been taking him to the gym since he was born and training him vigorously since the age of 2. Pops feels there is no danger in training Giuliano hard, even though he’s barely old enough for kindergarten, but I’m wondering why no one is questioning his safety. It can’t be good to put such physical strain on a body that’s still developing, not to mention the psychological damage he’s probably doing to this kid. I’m sorry, but does anyone else feel like this child is being exploited, kind of like Balloon Boy? And just for the record, I am also against 5-year-old girls getting spray-tanned for beauty pageants. [Daily Mail]