Ever Bought Shoes You Couldn’t Walk In?

I very recently bought a pair of Christian Louboutin heels for $85 at a sample sale—ah-mazing deal, right? Well, turns out, not so much. They’re a size too small and perilously high, way too high for my heel-walking abilities. But, yeah, I still went ahead and bought them even though I could barely walk around the try-on area with them on (let alone a city sidewalk). Still, I love them and because of that adoration, I actually wore them out last weekend. Bad move. I had to go home about an hour after I arrived due to the fact that I was hobbling, painfully hobbling, around. I’m going to get them stretched a half size, but I am certainly not the only person out there who’s bought and never worn a pair of shoes …In fact, judging from the shoes that went down the runway at the spring 2010 Alexander McQueen show, a lot of ladies will soon be snapping up shoes they also can’t walk in. Not only do they look like that, above on the left, but even editors at British Vogue couldn’t handle walking in them, apparently. (You know we’re all in trouble then!) Have you ever bought shoes you knew you couldn’t walk in just because you couldn’t resist them? [Vogue UK]